Joining our choir? Here’s 10 things you need to know

Do you sing in the shower? Or in the car to the radio? Maybe you’ve already been in a choir and missing it?

Did you know that research shows singing in a choir can help you have a longer, happier life?

It sounds like time for you to join one of the wonderful choirs run by Rose de la Font in Altrincham (Mondays 7pm), Sale (new starting Tuesday June 6th!) or Chorlton (Wednesdays, 7.30pm).

Here’s a few things to know about joining our choir:

🎤 🎶 After you sign up for a taster session, just turn up! There are no auditions and we are a relaxed, fun choir which focusses on modern pop songs.

Recently we’ve learned (and performed) great arrangements to Running up that Hill, Levitating, Glorybox and Freedom!

🎤 🎶 Vocal range: When you sign up for your taster session (£9 for a full 90 minute session), you will get some notes which includes a 1 min video to help find your vocal range (whether you tend to sing higher or lower).

If you are not sure what vocal section to join at the session (alto, soprano, tenor or bass), don’t worry! We can advise you when you come and join us.

🎤 🎶 It’s a good idea to bring a water bottle or drink – we sing for 90 minutes.

🎤 🎶 You don’t need to have a music degree or be able to read music.

🎤 🎶 Upon joining, you’ll get access to a comprehensive resources library, including lots of lyrics and audio recordings that you can use to practise our songs at home.

🎤 🎶 Rose has secured a number of gigs for our choirs, including Altrincham centre, Victoria Baths, Hatch, Freight Island, The Refuge Bar and Chorlton Arts Festival, Aviva Studios, amongst others. We’ve also featured on BBC Radio Manchester and some of our members have even taken part in a Channel 4 series!

🎤 🎶 We have a fantastic live band called Vala that accompanies us for gigs and we love performing with them!

🎤 🎶 There’s no pressure and nobody puts you on the spot – the beauty of a choir is you can blend in OR stand out. There are also opportunities for solos if that’s your thing!

🎤 🎶 There’s an active social calendar you can join if you wish…recent activities include a movie night and curry, pub night once a month and picnics in the summer.

If none of those has convinced you yet then …

🎤 🎶 We have monthly CAKE 🍰 nights, where members can sign up to perform solos for their choir friends. We love seeing people’s hidden talents on their ukuleles, pianos, guitars and of course hearing them sing!

So come along and let out your inner Dua Lipa, George Michael or Kate Bush in a friendly and fun environment!

Written by Deirdra Barr, Alty Voices

Joining our choir? Here’s 10 things you need to know

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