Aagash&Roos Wedding 2022

We would love to invite you to our wedding on the 27th of August! we will do a small ceremony at Altrincham Town Hall from 11am – 1pm with some light bites, after which we will have a modest afternoon-party at Into The Wild with some drinks, food, an open mic which everyone is welcome to perform at, and we will finish off with a live band called the ‘Gypsies of Bohemia’ from 2pm – 7pm. The next 3 days we have booked a camping spot at XX. There are glamping spots, little houses and camping spaces available. You are welcome to book such yourself and join us with some hikes and adventures around. If you are coming from afar, we recommend booking into the camping on the 26th of august asap, and we will organise transport from the camping to Altrincham Town Hall at around 9:30am. We will also organise transport from Into The Wild back to the camping.

Unfortunately we have not been able to invite everyone to the reception, but it would be great to have you for Into The Wild.  


11 – 1pm Altrincham Town Hall Ceremony

1 – 2pm 40 min walk from Altrincham Town Hall to Into The Wild. If you need transport click here:

2 – 7pm open mic, pizza and a live band!

8pm bus back to the camping