My choir sessions primarily focus on having fun, relaxing, and improving as a choir; Harmonically, rhythmically, and the blend, by doing musical games and working on singing technique. All levels are welcome, and you do not have to be able to sightread.

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“I’ve been a member of The Bridge Choir for three and a half years now, during which time the group has really grown.  I particularly like Roos’ “no pressure, no hierarchy” approach. Everyone is given equal chance to shine if they’d like to – or to blend into the masses if they’re less confident (like me!) Singing gives me a much needed injection of energy on a Monday night – there’s a great atmosphere during the classes which spills over into general socialising outside lessons. There’s always someone suggesting a fun activity! I highly recommend the choir for meeting new friends and as a great form of stress relief – something many of us Londoners need!” Kate

“Hey Rose, I meant to say that I really enjoy the choir! You’re a great choir leader with the right energy, enthusiasm and patience.  3 stars for you!  (3 out of 3 that is!)” – Eva Oller, Choir member‚Äč

“Rose is a great choir teacher with lots of patience and constructive ways of helping us improve. We have learnt different breathing techniques and warm up exercises and have really improved since the beginning. Roos has had to adapt the songs to our ability and the harmonies are beautifully put together – simple and effective! –  Georgina Jay, Choir member

“Rose is a really good music teacher! I sang in her choir few times and really liked it! She starts with some breathing exercises which are great for the stomach and the way you will manage the air that you breath in and out when you sing. she also makes us do other exercises that are good before singing. I sang for 10 years in a music school when I was younger and was wondering if I would enjoy a smaller choir but I did as she really takes the time to make sure that everyone got everything right and she makes us sing wonderfully together way before the end on the class.” – Marie Basset, Choir member

“Rose teaches our little choir club once a week. In each session, Roos helps us improve the practical side of singing as well as ensuring everyone is having great time. She’s brilliant at bringing the people together, helping ones (usually me) who needs a little catch-up while she maintains to improve the group’s performance every week. And most importantly, her bright and friendly personality makes her a fantastic lead of our group. Highly recommended.” – Hanae Seida, Choir member