Saturday 27th August, Altrincham

11am – 1pm: Altrincham Town hall, canapes and drinks, ceremony

  • Park at Stamford Quarter Multi-storey Carpark (28A George St)

1pm – 2pm: Travel to Into the Wild

  • Drive to the green box below and meet at the red dot at 1:45pm, we will all set off on a 15 minute walk from there

2pm – 10pm: Into the Wild party

  • Pizza, burgers, cake, drinks, fun and games
  • Open mic 3pm – 5pm
  • Vala (live band) 5pm – 7pm

10pm – 11pm: Travel to campsite (car and minibus)

  • Drive to Kinder Road, Hayfield, SK22 2LE – if you can take extra guests in your car also let us know!

Sunday 28th August, Hayfield

This will be a relaxing day on the campsite without many strict plans. Some proposed activities that you are welcome to join are below.

11am – 12pm: Wim Hof experience

  • We will be having a very unofficial cold water experience – bring your swimsuits!
  • Meet at the campsite playground

2pm – 4pm: Hike

6pm – 10:30pm: Dinner  

  • Meet at Hayfield Village Hall, Walk Mill Road, Hayfield SK22 2ER
  • Bring your own alcohol, we will have soft drinks

Monday 29th August, Hayfield

Say our goodbyes, leave the campsite, check out 12pm


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