For the town hall (25 Market St), park at Stamford Quarter Multi-storey Carpark (28A George St).

For the forest party, park somewhere in the green box below, and meet at the red dot (the intersection of Ashley Mill Lane North and South Road, WA14 3HT) to join the walking group towards Into the Wild at around 1:45pm.

There is also another parking spot for a shorter walk: Ashley Mill Lane, WA14 3PT.

You can also park in the field directly opposite the forest, let us know if you would like this.

For the camping, park on the campsite: Kinder Rd, Hayfield, High Peak SK22 2LE.


If you are going directly to the Hayfield campsite on the 26th: get the train to Stockport, then the bus 358 to Hayfield. There will be a minibus from the campsite to the town hall leaving at 9.30am on 27th.

If you are coming directly to Altrincham on the 27th: you have some options:

  • get the train to Stockport then Navigation road, then walk 15 minutes to the town hall
  • get the train to Manchester Piccadilly then the tram/Uber to Altrincham.


If you are flying in to Manchester Airport on the 26th, you can go to the campsite via:

  • taxi (about £50 for Uber XL holding 6 people)
  • bus (199 to Stockport then 358 to Hayfield), journey time between 1h – 1.5h

If you are flying in to Manchester Airport on the 27th, get a taxi directly to the town hall, it is fairly reasonable, we usually get a taxi/Uber for £5-10.


There will be a minibus going from the campsite to the town hall on the 27th at 9.30am.

It will then take guests from the town hall to the forest party at 1.45pm.

Then it will be taking guests back to the campsite at 7.30pm.

If you need the minibus, let us know.


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