Donation to I Like Singing


As you all know the art industry isn’t doing well under this corona pandemic. Most of my work has been cancelled.
Therefore with this extra time, I’ve decided to set up some online projects; a pub quiz, a virtual choir, songwriting course and a virtual choir video. For these projects I’ll be spending a lot of time behind the scenes making the sheet music, organising the sessions, teaching, mixing the audio, make questions, set up zoom sessions, and have usual costs to keep the choir going: website fee, zoom host fee, meet up fee.
I really love doing it! However if you would like to support the my small freelance business ‘I Like Singing’, so I can keep going and creating! and my real choir can keep going after this is over, it would be amazing! 
I’ve decided not to charge a fee for my online projects because I know that a lot of people are suffering, and I would love everyone to decide to pay whatever you think this experience is worth it for you and how much you can afford to in this time, as I know a lot of people are in tricky situations and I wouldn’t want that to hold you back in joining!
Donation to I Like Singing