The Creative Songwriting Workshop

Music lovers unite for the second edition of the creative songwriting course! A unique 6 week songwriting course culminating in a special showcase night.

Let’s face it, writing a song is HARD!
Do you struggle to find inspiration for songs? Or perhaps you have notebooks full of ideas but never seem to be able to get past the ideas stage. Maybe you would like to collaborate with others but how on earth do you find them, and how can you co-write effectively? If you always go about writing songs in the same way, you will always get a similar result. That’s why the creative songwriting course is here to lift your songs to the next level!

Expect to get your mind blown and your creative juices flowing. Using our (sometimes hilarious) warm-up exercises you are sure to discover new ways to think about music. You will learn new effective writing techniques to get great song ideas and turn them into finished songs without too much hassle. You will have the opportunity to meet and co-write with fellow musicians and get unstuck where you got stuck before. Following the 6 week course you are invited to perform at our special showcase event, where you will have the opportunity to present your freshly written songs in front of a supportive audience.  

Dates :
Session 1:
 Thursday 5th of March 7-9pm
Session 2: Thursday 12th of March 7-9pm
Session 3: Tuesday 17th of March 7-9pm
Session 4: Thursday 26th of March 7-9pm
Session 5: Thursday 2nd of April  7-9pm
Session 6: Thursday 9th of April 7-9pm

Showcase Event: Thursday 23rd of April