Singing lesson testimonials/reviews

“As a complete beginner I really didn’t know what to expect, but I have been blown away with Roos and her approach to teaching. Roos has given me a greater appreciation for music and, although I’m only a few lessons in, I’m already improving. The techniques Roos teaches are even helping me with public speaking. Roos has been fantastic and has even convinced me to join her choir, which has been a revelation. I can’t wait for the next lesson.” Gareth, Blackheath

“In 1 year of lessons Roos Kruijswijk has massively developed my technique, tone and singing range. She was as determined to get good results as I was and taught me a range of easy exercises that were extremely beneficial and with practice have made me a far more competent and confident singer. Roos is extremely personable and friendly, but also professional. The atmosphere in her lessons is fun but very focused and I would highly recommend her as a singing teacher”  Cole Salewicz, Artbreak.

“Roos is an excellent teacher. In a very short time, she significantly improved my singing and helped to build my confidence. Her approach of using a combination of breathing exercises, vocal techniques and recordings really worked for me. And importantly, every lesson was also great fun. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for lessons, whether you are a complete beginner (like me) or someone who sings regularly but wants to continue to improve.”Nick, Greenwhich

Roos is a great teacher, friendly and professional. The lessons are well rounded between technique and singing. Great tips for improving your technique and practice routines which you can do at home. Very flexible, I play guitar and sing and my lessons are tailored around that. Highly recommended if you’re looking to improve your singing! Alex Ardelean

“Roos is a great choir teacher with lots of patience and constructive ways of helping us improve. We have learnt different breathing techniques and warm up exercises and have really improved since the beginning. Roos has had to adapt the songs to our ability and the harmonies are beautifully put together – simple and effective! It has been a challenge as we have had different people each week turning up but I know for certain the core members who turn up each week really enjoy the choir and have found it a fun, relaxed and friendly environment to learn to sing in and we have all gained more confidence!”  –  Georgina Jay, Choir member

“Roos is a really good music teacher! I sang in her choir few times and really liked it! She starts with some breathing exercises which are great for the stomach and the way you will manage the air that you breath in and out when you sing. she also makes us do other exercises that are good before singing. I sang for 10 years in a music school when I was younger and was wondering if I would enjoy a smaller choir but I did as she really takes the time to make sure that everyone got everything right and she makes us sing wonderfully together way before the end on the class.” – Marie Basset, Choir member

“Roos teaches our little choir club once a week. In each session, Roos helps us improve the practical side of singing as well as ensuring everyone is having great time. She’s brilliant at bringing the people together, helping ones (usually me) who needs a little catch-up while she maintains to improve the group’s performance every week. And most importantly, her bright and friendly personality makes her a fantastic lead of our group. Highly recommended.” – Hanae Seida, Choir member