R & A 27.8.22

R + A + 27.8.22

The time is almost upon us! EXCITING! I’m sure you have plenty of questions, which hopefully this page can help with.

for any WEDDING QUESTIONS on the day CONTACT Jolijn (+31634216511), Charley (+31614254484) and Sophie (+44 7772 025953)

What is a ceremony master? In the Netherlands you appoint your friend to be the ceremony master. They will know exactly what is supposed to happen (like a wedding planner) and if you have any questions they are the ones to contact. 🙂

Formidably Answered Questions

When & Where

The Wedding is on Saturday 27th August 2022.

Altrincham Town Hall, 11am – 1pm: 25 Market Street, WA14 1QT.

Into the Wild, 2pm – 10pm: Bollin Forest, walk from Ashley Mill Lane North, WA14 3HT.

Hayfield Camping and Caravanning Club, 11pm onwards: Kinder Road, Hayfield, High Peak SK22 2LE.

Hayfield Village Hall, Walk Mill Road, Hayfield SK22 2ER 6:30pm – 11pm

Following this we will camp for two nights over the bank holiday weekend – Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th, leaving on Monday 29th morning (12pm check out).


Saturday 27th August, Altrincham

11am – 1pm: Altrincham Town hall, canapes and drinks, ceremony

  • Park at Stamford Quarter Multi-storey Carpark (28A George St)

1pm – 2pm: Travel to Into the Wild

  • Drive to the green box below and meet at the red dot at 1:45pm, we will all set off on a 15 minute walk from there

2pm – 10pm: Into the Wild party

  • Pizza, burgers, cake, drinks, fun and games
  • Open mic 3pm – 5pm
  • Vala (live band) 5pm – 7pm

10pm – 11pm: Travel to campsite (car and minibus)

  • Drive to Kinder Road, Hayfield, SK22 2LE – if you can take extra guests in your car also let us know!

Sunday 28th August, Hayfield

This will be a relaxing day on the campsite without many strict plans. Some proposed activities that you are welcome to join are below.

11am – 12pm: Wim Hof experience

  • We will be having a very unofficial cold water experience – bring your swimsuits!
  • Meet at the campsite playground

2pm – 4pm: Hike

6pm – 10:30pm: Dinner  

  • Meet at Hayfield Village Hall, Walk Mill Road, Hayfield SK22 2ER
  • Bring your own alcohol, we will have soft drinks

Monday 29th August, Hayfield

Say our goodbyes, leave the campsite, check out 12pm



For the town hall (25 Market St), park at Stamford Quarter Multi-storey Carpark (28A George St).

For the forest party, park somewhere in the green box below, and meet at the red dot (the intersection of Ashley Mill Lane North and South Road, WA14 3HT) to join the walking group towards Into the Wild at around 1:45pm.

There is also another parking spot for a shorter walk: Ashley Mill Lane, WA14 3PT.

You can also park in the field directly opposite the forest, let us know if you would like this.

For the camping, park on the campsite: Kinder Rd, Hayfield, High Peak SK22 2LE.


If you are going directly to the Hayfield campsite on the 26th: get the train to Stockport, then the bus 358 to Hayfield. There will be a minibus from the campsite to the town hall leaving at 9.30am on 27th.

If you are coming directly to Altrincham on the 27th: you have some options:

  • get the train to Stockport then Navigation road, then walk 15 minutes to the town hall
  • get the train to Manchester Piccadilly then the tram/Uber to Altrincham.


If you are flying in to Manchester Airport on the 26th, you can go to the campsite via:

  • taxi (about £50 for Uber XL holding 6 people)
  • bus (199 to Stockport then 358 to Hayfield), journey time between 1h – 1.5h

If you are flying in to Manchester Airport on the 27th, get a taxi directly to the town hall, it is fairly reasonable, we usually get a taxi/Uber for £5-10.


There will be a minibus going from the campsite to the town hall on the 27th at 9.30am.

It will then take guests from the town hall to the forest party at 1.45pm.

Then it will be taking guests back to the campsite at 7.30pm.

If you need the minibus, let us know.

Travelling to Into the Wild

Into the Wild is the amazing location of our forest party. It is usually only accessible by foot! However, we have an agreement with the local farmer to use the field opposite for parking should you wish to.

For those who are joining us on the walk (this will be most of you!):

  • 1pm – drive to the green box below, park, and walk to the red dot
  • Once we have all arrived at the red dot we will set off to walk to the forest together
  • If you would like to park in the field opposite the forest, please let us know

Open mic

We are thrilled to have so many of our guests keen on performing at our open mic! It will be a relaxed affair and a bit of fun. We have a sound system, stage, keyboard, guitar and microphone. You can do anything you like, just let us know so we can pencil you in. Some ideas: songs, rap, beatbox, scat, speech, comedy, magic, dance.


If you are in a tent, things you will/may need:

  • Sleeping bags, air mattress, pillows, tarp for under the tent, torch, water bottles, fold up chairs, antibacterial wipes/hand sanitizer, backpack, towels, swimsuit, penknife, sunglasses, toiletries, waterproof clothes, phone charger and power pack, sunscreen, toilet paper, flip flops.
  • For more info: https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/campsites/uk/derbyshire/high-peak/hayfield-camping-and-caravanning-club-site/

If you are in a pod:

  • You will still require sleeping things so don’t forget your sleeping bags/air mattress/pillows etc
  • For more info: https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/campsites/uk/derbyshire/high-peak/hayfield-camping-and-caravanning-club-site/pods/

If you are in a readycamp tent:

  • You will need to bring your own bedding (duvets/sleeping bags, pillows and sheets), towels and tea towels.
  • You will have a kitchen, 2 ring hob, kettle, toaster, fridge, microwave, small heater and more, see: https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/Readycamp/faqs/

If you looking for a hotel/Airbnb we would advise that you so this soon as rooms are getting filled quickly due to the Bank Holiday weekend. Let us know if you would like to share a room/Airbnb so we can match you with other guests.

No open fires at the campsite (BBQS are allowed).

The campsite has a small store mainly for snacks

Hayfield is a small village with an even smaller general store for bread/eggs/milk/butter/tin foods/snacks. There is a butcher and several nice pubs. New Mills has a Tesco 15 min drive away.

Stefan (father of the bride) will be doing a big shop for everyone at the campsite on the 26th August – if you would him to get some supplies for you please email him on stefan@hazenloop.nl


Children are allowed.

Prepare for the rain. Bring an umbrella or rain poncho. Check the forecast before setting off. Wear appropriate clothes suitable for the walk to Into the Wild.

The Town Hall has a ramp and lift.

There are portable cabin loos at the forest party.

Indian canapes (all vegan), chai, alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks and fruit will be served at Altrincham Town Hall.

Pizza (vegan cheese available), salad, cakes (vegan options), nuts and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks will be served at Into the Wild.

The Sunday feast will be at Hayfield Village hall from 6pm, serving a variety of delicious Indian food. We will have soft drinks but ask you bring your alcohol should you wish to.

All food is vegetarian with plenty of vegan options. Any dietary requirements please let us know.

Minibus Passenger List

27 August

From camping to town hall (9.30am): Junior, Hugo, Amber, Esmee, Sven, Anouk, Olof, Luka, Lizzie, Louis, Iris, Michaela, Jolijn, Chris 101

From town hall to into the wild (1pm): Junior, Amber, Esmee, Sven, Anouk, Olof, Louis, Iris, Michaela, Chris 101, Miriam, Marijke, Luka, Lizzie, Will

From into the wild to camping (10pm): Junior, Amber, Esmee, Sven, Anouk, Olof, Louis, Iris, Michaela, Jolijn, Chris 101, Luka, Lizzie

29 August

From camping to airport (10am): esmee, sven, amber, anouk, olof, hugo, lucas, sven, Junior, (Chris 101 gets dropped off at healdgreen Train station)

CONTACT MICHAELA (+491603768103) or ANOUK (+31618680626) for any Minibus related questions


Having our guests come down to celebrate with us is the most important thing. For those who would like to monetarily contribute to our HONEYMOON & HOME FUND 🙂 we will have a box at the town hall, or you can use:

Roos Kruijswijk or Aagash Vadera
Sort code 04-00-04
Account number 41264710



On Saturday 11am – 7pm we will have Indian canapes, fruit, lots of cake, pizza, salad, ice cream, nuts and drinks and Sunday 6pm – 11pm a big indian buffet. Saturday after 8pm (at the campsite) and Sunday before 6pm is free time (for the suggested activities see FAQS). For food, there are cafes/pubs in Hayfield, alternatively, Stefan (father of the bride) will be doing a big shop for everyone who sends him a list before the 26th August – email him with a list on stefan@hazenloop.nl